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Math For Everyday Life

From Villanova University:

Math isn’t just something you have to learn to pass tests in school. It’s something you’ll use every day of your life. Without math, we couldn’t measure things or count money. People need to know math to run a business and to keep track of their finances. Math is everywhere, and that’s why it’s so important we learn a lot of different math skills. Learning the math you need to know to get A’s in school or to go into business someday isn’t always fun, but it doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of free math, money, and business games online that can help you practice and master things like adding and subtracting, balancing a budget, and counting money. Play these fun games by yourself or with friends and you are sure to learn a lot. You’ll probably get a better grade on your next math test too! 

Khan Academy

This is a great website with video lessons and awesome explanations of concepts!

Hooda Math

Math games, timed tests, and manipulatives!

Math Playground

Math Games!


Math Games!


Interactive math resources that include math worksheets, math games, math flashcards, and much more.

Online Math Help

Homework help, practice, and tutoring.

This website math lessons that accompany the concepts and has four steps to the lesson: first glance, in depth, examples, and workout.

AAA Math

Interactive math lessons, unlimited practice, and immediate feedback.

Cool Math

Math Lessons & Games

Practice Math & Language Arts K-12

Great gaming practice of math and language arts concepts. This website also has lessons.

Interactive Math & Science Practice

This website has interactive learning sites for Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.


TeacherTube is a great site to watch videos that could help with homework or give a little more background information on a concept.

YouTube (, under the education section, is also a great source for educational videos.

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