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Technology Responsible Use Policy

Technology Responsible Use Policy

Our staff and students use technology to learn. Technology is essential to facilitate the creative problem solving, information fluency, and collaboration that we see in today’s global economy. While we want our students to be active contributors in our connected world, we also want them to be safe, legal, and responsible. This Responsible Use Policy (RUP) supports our vision of technology use and upholds in our users a strong sense of digital citizenship. This policy applies to all CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD computer networks (including the resources made available by them), and all devices connected to those networks.

Responsible Use and Digital Citizenship

Respect Yourself: I will select online names that are appropriate, and I will be polite and use appropriate language/content in all online posts.

Protect Yourself: I will not publish personal details, contact details or a schedule of activities for myself or anyone else. I understand that unless otherwise authorized, I am the owner of my accounts, and I am responsible for all activity initiated by and/or performed under these accounts. I understand that it is my responsibility to appropriately secure my account credentials. I understand that I am responsible for maintaining and backing up all of my own data. If I am uncertain whether a specific computer activity is permitted or appropriate, I will ask a teacher/administrator before engaging in that activity

Respect Others: I will not use technologies to bully or tease other people. I will not make audio or video recordings of students/employees without their prior permission. I understand that posing as someone else is forbidden and I will not pose as a user other than myself when online. I will be careful and aware when printing to avoid wasting resources and printing unnecessary items.

Protect Others: I will help maintain a safe computing environment by notifying appropriate campus officials of inappropriate behavior, vulnerabilities, risks, and breaches involving campus technology. Respect Intellectual Property: I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc. I
will respect all copyrights.

Protect Intellectual Property: I will request to use the software and media that others produce.

General Policies

  • The purpose of a CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD user account is to access the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD network   and facilitate creativity and innovation. We use this network to support communication and collaboration. We use technology to extend research and information fluency, to collect and analyze data and to solve problems.
  •  Access is a privilege, not a right. Access entails responsibility, and inappropriate use may result in cancellation of those privileges.
  • CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD user accounts are owned by the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD; consequently they are subject to the Open Records Act. All digital files associated with user accounts may be retrieved by CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD staff at anytime without prior notice and without the permission of any user. The CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD reserves the right to monitor all accounts in order to maintain system integrity and to ensure responsible use.
  • Students should have no expectation of personal privacy in any matters stored in, created, received, or sent through the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD computer network. These are subject to review by the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD at any time, with or without notice, with or without cause and without the permission of any student or parent/guardian.
  •  A content filtering solution is in place in order to prevent access to certain sites that may contain inappropriate material, including pornography, weapons, illegal drugs, gambling, and any other topics deemed to be of non-educational value by the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD. The CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD is not responsible for the content accessed by users who connect via their own 3G type service (cell phones, air-cards, etc.).

Government Laws

Technology is to be utilized in conformity with laws of the United States and the State of Texas. Violations
include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Criminal Acts – These include, but are not limited to: unauthorized tampering, cyberstalking, vandalism, harassing email, child pornography, cyberbullying.
  • Libel Laws - You may not publicly defame people through published material.
  • Copyright Violations - Copying, selling or distributing copyrighted material without the express written permission of the author or publisher (users should assume that all materials available on the Internet are protected by copyright), and/or engaging in plagiarism.

Bring Your Own Technology

CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD is now allowing staff and students the option to Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT). Staff may use a personal device in place of (or along with) their district assigned devices if they choose. Students may use a personal device in class for instructional use with teacher permission. I understand that if my device is damaged or stolen while on CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD property I will not hold the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD liable for the replacement or repair of my device. I understand that any data and/or SMS/MMS (texting) charges will not be reimbursed by the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD.
I understand that for my device to be compatible with the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD BYOT initiative some software may need to be installed on the device. I understand that the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD may provide accessories that can be installed and used with my personal device. These accessories will remain district property and will be maintained according to the currently established procedures in the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD. At such time as I choose to leave the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD, any of the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD owned accessories will be returned prior to my last day, and I will be responsible for removing any licensed CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD software from my device(s). I understand that I will only have access to the guest wireless service that the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD has provided. I understand that I will not have access to the wired network. I understand that my Internet will still be filtered by the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD content filter when I am connected to the guest wireless service.

Google Apps and Other Third Party Accounts

In accordance with our district mission, goals and our vision for technology our students may require accounts in third party systems. Many of these accounts will be used at school for school related projects but may also be accessed outside of school with their parents’ permission. The use of these accounts will help our students to master effective and proper online communications as required in the PreK-12 Technology Applications Standards.

By signing and returning this document, I give permission to the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD to create and manage third party accounts (including but not limited to: Google Apps, Prezi, and VoiceThread) for my child. If you would like to deny the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD permission to do this, you must check the box below and return this form to the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD by September 1st of each school year.

I do not give the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD permission to create and manage third party accounts for my child. I understand that they will not be able to participate in certain projects which require these accounts.


I understand and will abide by this Responsible Use Policy. If I break this agreement, the consequences could include suspension of your accounts and network access. In addition you could face disciplinary/legal action including but not limited to: criminal prosecution and/or penalty under appropriate
state and federal laws.
The following actions are not permitted and could result in the consequences outlined above:

  • Users may not attempt to disable or bypass the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD content filter.
  • Users may not illegally access or manipulate the information of a private database/system such as gradebooks and other student information systems.
  • Users may not install unauthorized network access points, or other connections that may not effectively integrate with existing infrastructure.
  • Users may not use their accounts for non-school related activities including but not limited to:

               o " Using the Internet for financial gain, personal advertising, promotion, non-government related fundraising, or public relations
               o " Political activity: lobbying for personal political purposes, or activities such as solicitation for religious purposes

Users may not send, save, view, forward, or create harassing or offensive content/messages. Offensive material includes, but is not limited to, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material, sexual comments, jokes or images that would violate school policies. The school policies against harassment and discrimination apply to the use of technology.

The Director of Information Technology Services and the campus principal will deem what is considered to be inappropriate use of the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD computer network. They may suspend an account or network access at any time. In addition, the administration, faculty, and staff of the CENTRAL HEIGHTS ISD may request that a user’s account be suspended or denied at any time. If a signed copy of this document is not returned to your school by the end of the first week of school of each school year it will be assumed that you agree to the provisions outlined within it.

Central Heights ISD
Technology Responsible Use Agreement
Updated Fall 2012